Monday, September 28, 2009

Time to catch up. No pun intended.

Been awhile since I posted but I have material. Lets go way back to the start of August. I was near Rockford Il for a Corvette Show at a Home Depot parking lot. Across from the the parking lot was a Steak n' Shake. I ate there last year but did not get a picture. Well of course I deleted my picture of the burger I ate at Steak n' Shake. What I had was a "Wisconsin Buttery Burger." I guess they could not call it a "Butter Burger" since Culver's already has the rights to that, I guess. Only Solly's has the ok to use the name Butter Burger along with Culver's I guess. Let me tell you something..... you could actually taste the butter on this burger from Steak n' Shake unlike the burger you get at Culver's. I posted about Culver's in June.

Jumped ahead to the end of September. I have been trying to get to the "Big Boys/Chains" to post about them. I have had good burgers and good times. I have bad burgers and left scratching my head also. I still don't know how Culver's does it. Their sales in frozen treats must carry the franchise. Off track sorry. My next franchise I visited was...Red Robin. Now they have all these gourmet burgers. Don't get me started on a burger covered in a" California Style Salad" Once again I took my girlfriend with me. This is her 4th burger trip I think. I am glad she helps me with my hobby. I always like someone with me. Get their opinion, insight. My brother goes with me from time to time also.This would be my first time at a Red Robin, my girlfriend had been there before. I knew it was a bad sign when she orders a chicken wrap not a burger!!! I go with one of the basic burgers (which was hard to find), a Bacon Cheese Burger. I did not want Avocado on my burger! I get it with Swiss and the basic toppings plus mayo, which I hardly ever do (pictured above.) The burger.... if I go again I will order the chicken wrap I think. It was missing something.... hard to put my thumb on it. I guess I was paying for the atmosphere, like the Wendy's commercial says.

Now that was a quick post on my "Chain" burger spots. I tend to do more Ma and Pa joints and Taverns. I promise you I will get them posted. I have four places I need to write about and they are not the "Chains" See I told you I had "research material."