Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Great Burger Road Trip Day 2 Cont.

Aug. 5th afternoon. Well I get up to Green Bay about 1 pm. I have a room about a 1/2 mile from Lambeau Field. I have my lead from Glenn to try a burger joint. He told me to try Kroll's. Well there is one downtown Green Bay and one next to Lambeau Field on the West side of the stadium. I go to Kroll's West by the Stadium, no burger though I want a Beer! I have a few pints and watch the circus that is Brett Favre and the Packers on the news. I then head over to Training Camp. I will not go into detail but any football fan should visit Lambeau Field. As pictured above is Donald Driver taking a ride on a kids bike to practice. One of the traditions of training camp is players riding bikes to practice. So I take in the camp and the other events of Training Camp. Around 6 pm I go to the Stadium View Bar and Grill that is East of the Stadium. I go there most the time if I am at a Packers game but have never ordered food. I have a beer and order my burger and fries. I order it medium rare, "Sorry" the Bartender goes " All orders are cooked medium well." I say "Fine." My burger arrives and it is the driest thing I have every ate. I should have said no to the burger when they told me how well it was going to be done. The bun was the star of this burger. Now I would still go to the Stadium View for the drinks and atmosphere of a game day but I will never have a burger there again. Off to my hotel and fall asleep to a John Wayne Western on TV.

The next day I am up early to catch a Packers practice. I kill time till 11 am when Curly's Pub opens inside Lambeau. Well I get there and check the prices for a burger.... Ahh no when you have to pay $10 for a burger forget it. I then head across to Kroll's West. I order and Burger and a Cheeseburger. I like to compare the two sometimes, if I have room. The roll is toasted and they also put butter on there burgers. Lets say it does not come close to the Butter Burger at Solly's. You can taste the butter....barely. I should have listen Glenn and gone to the one East of Lambeau in downtown Green Bay. Live and learn I guess.

Off to home. I am burgered out!! No burgers for me thank you, for awhile anyway. The whole trip was about 350 miles. Less then what was planned thank God. Was going to do Chicago, Milwaukee, Green Bay and the
Twin Cities. Glad I listen to that little voice in my head!!

Overall a great time. Met Glenn and got to visit Lambeau Field. Still many adventures to come.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Great Burger Road Trip Day 2

Aug. 5th 08'

Tuesday morning up at 7 am, turn on Sportcenter to see what I missed on the Brett /Green Bay Soap Opera. Solly's opens at 6 am on Tuesdays for breakfast and I want to catch Glenn at work. I have missed him twice!! A quick 1 mile drive down the road and I am there. It is close to 9 am and there are about 12 cars in the parking lot. I take a picture of the building (used in previous post) and head inside. There about 15 people at the horseshoe counter. I go to my left to see the grill and who is running the show.... The one and only Glenn Fieber!! Now the omelets and other breakfast goodies look good. He is even putting that good old Wisconsin Butter on the hash browns ( Mental note, get here for breakfast.) The waitress comes up and I ask "Is it too early for a Burger?!?" (I know the answer) "No" she goes. I order a Butter Burger without. "Cheese?" she asks. "Sure" I say. By now people are leaving and saying good-bye to Glenn. He knows everyone by name!

I introduce myself and shake hands. Then he puts on his gloves back on and goes back to working the grill. Ahhhhh but there is small talk between us. Where I am from? What Burgers I have tried? Are you going to the State Fair? I tell him I am going up to Green Bay for Packers Training Camp. He tells me to try Kroll's, east of Lambeau Field. What a guy he gives me a lead!!

My Butter Burger arrives and I take a picture. The Butter Burger is not a good model. George even told me it is a hard burger to take pictures of. So sorry no pictures yet of the Butter Burger....yet!. I eat one half of the burger in seconds. Once you have one you will know why it disappears so fast. Glenn asks "How was it?" I say "Great, I could eat another!" "Good to hear." he goes. I sit there with my Coke and read the local paper. People are leaving again and Glenn says bye to all by name. He takes time from the grill to sign my Hamburger America book and to have his picture taken by me.

I finish my Coke and leave $$ from my bill. "Hold on" Glenn goes. "I have another Butter Burger for you, on the house." The Man himself, The King of Butter Burgers gives me "one on the house!!!" "To go?" he asks. "No, I will eat it here." Mmmmmm Butter Burger.... I did make a mess this time. Some butter dripped onto my left lap. I get up and I thank Glenn. He calls me by name as I leave, thanking me and to come again. People like Glenn is what makes Burger Joints special. Cares for the product but even more cares about his customers.

Off to Green Bay!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Great Burger Road Trip Day 1

This event happen Monday Aug. 4th 08'

My first Burger Road trip. I was planning on doing Chicago, Milwaukee and the Twin Cities. After some thought I just stayed in the State of Wisconsin. Anyway I was down in the Chicago area a few days earlier for a Corvette Show so once a year is enough for me! I started out heading east from Madison on I94 towards Milwaukee. It was close to 5 pm and I wanted to try to hit Milwaukee after rush hour. So a quick jaunt down Hwy 26 to Jefferson. I was going to Jefferson to visit Wedl's (known as Peterson's in the book Hamburger America.) Hwy 18 in downtown Jefferson was under construction, so I parked on a side street and walked over. Wedl's looks like a house but notice the red shack, yes it is red now. I walk up to the shack, the girls were inside the main building cooling off. They quickly came out and stepped inside the shack. I ordered a Double w/onions and a Pepsi. I swear it was only two minutes and I had my burger. I put some pickles slices, yellow mustard and some ketchup on the burger. I have had Wedl's before, plain. I would do that again. Skip the condiments or just go with pickles. I think the strong taste from the mustard and ketchup masked the peppery taste. My first bite... wow was it hot. I had to pop open my Pepsi and take a drink. Juicy Burger... I had to check myself for drips and stains. Oops there goes a onion on to my shirt then hits the ground. I am sitting on the bench along side the east side of the main building, shack side. I look around to see if anyone saw me make a mess. Nope, just a mom and her kid waiting for their order. I finish my burger and walk back to my car. That hit the spot I think to myself. I drive back to I94 and head east again toward Milwaukee.

I get to Glendale and find a hotel 1 mile from Solly's Grille. Well first my GPS tells me to make a U turn at a busy intersection, which I don't. Bad move on my part, I am now on a on ramp back to I43 North. Well a 2 minute delay and I get myself back to the hotel I want to stay at. I go all out... a Suite with a Jacuzzi!!! I get settle into my Suite. Now it is time to find a Bar. I am a Wisconsinite you know. When I read the review of the hotel online, someone said that the hotel I was at was in walking distance of shopping, food etc.... Well I walked around the area. I even got in my car and drove around. I could not find a Bar!!! This is a Burb' of Milwaukee com'on! Sure there was shopping and food but no Bar. Well back to my room. I get into my swimsuit and jump in the pool. I do some laps to work off the Burger I had at Wedl's. After 20 mins. or so I go back to my room and fill up the Jacuzzi up. Ahhhhhhhhh.... George must live like this all the time on the road. Ha Ha Ha!! Off to bed dreaming of what tomorrow will bring me... A Butter Burger from Solly's.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hamburger America Book Tour

This event happen on Saturday night May 10th 08'

Well the "Big Cheese" was in Madison WI. Yep George Motz himself was at Dotty's Dumplings Dowry for his Book Tour. I must have gotten there about an hr before his arrival. I was not in the mood for a burger for some odd reason, so I just ordered some Deep Fried Cheese Curds. I also had a few pints of brew. Another fan was there also. He had a Hamburger America DVD. We chatted a bit about burgers etc... Jeff Stanely the owner was also there along with a few friends of his. One was an actor from New York. He was in the area to film a new Johnny Depp movie. We chatted about burgers, mostly I wanted to know about NY burgers. He mentioned the Corner Bistro. I had him sign his name to pg 170,
which is about the Corner Bistro. I also got to talk to Jeff. We talked a bit and then he signed my book. I think he was amazed at all the signatures I had gotten.

It was then time to talk to George. I think we started talking about Bud's Bar in CO first. I lived 20 minutes from Bud's when I worked for the US Forest Service as a summer job during college. We also talked a bit about Corvettes and NASCAR, blogging and taking pictures. He agreed with me that the Butter Burger is not an easy burger to photograph. By this time people coming in to eat were coming up buying a book and chatting a bit. I myself must have talked to a half dozen people about burgers. I was having so much fun I almost forgot to ask George to sign my book. Now I have most people sign in the back of the book. George's is up front and unique. I will have to post a picture...maybe.

If you want to read more about George's weekend in the Midwest, you can click here: Book Tour Days 9-11