Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Great Burger Road Trip Day 1

This event happen Monday Aug. 4th 08'

My first Burger Road trip. I was planning on doing Chicago, Milwaukee and the Twin Cities. After some thought I just stayed in the State of Wisconsin. Anyway I was down in the Chicago area a few days earlier for a Corvette Show so once a year is enough for me! I started out heading east from Madison on I94 towards Milwaukee. It was close to 5 pm and I wanted to try to hit Milwaukee after rush hour. So a quick jaunt down Hwy 26 to Jefferson. I was going to Jefferson to visit Wedl's (known as Peterson's in the book Hamburger America.) Hwy 18 in downtown Jefferson was under construction, so I parked on a side street and walked over. Wedl's looks like a house but notice the red shack, yes it is red now. I walk up to the shack, the girls were inside the main building cooling off. They quickly came out and stepped inside the shack. I ordered a Double w/onions and a Pepsi. I swear it was only two minutes and I had my burger. I put some pickles slices, yellow mustard and some ketchup on the burger. I have had Wedl's before, plain. I would do that again. Skip the condiments or just go with pickles. I think the strong taste from the mustard and ketchup masked the peppery taste. My first bite... wow was it hot. I had to pop open my Pepsi and take a drink. Juicy Burger... I had to check myself for drips and stains. Oops there goes a onion on to my shirt then hits the ground. I am sitting on the bench along side the east side of the main building, shack side. I look around to see if anyone saw me make a mess. Nope, just a mom and her kid waiting for their order. I finish my burger and walk back to my car. That hit the spot I think to myself. I drive back to I94 and head east again toward Milwaukee.

I get to Glendale and find a hotel 1 mile from Solly's Grille. Well first my GPS tells me to make a U turn at a busy intersection, which I don't. Bad move on my part, I am now on a on ramp back to I43 North. Well a 2 minute delay and I get myself back to the hotel I want to stay at. I go all out... a Suite with a Jacuzzi!!! I get settle into my Suite. Now it is time to find a Bar. I am a Wisconsinite you know. When I read the review of the hotel online, someone said that the hotel I was at was in walking distance of shopping, food etc.... Well I walked around the area. I even got in my car and drove around. I could not find a Bar!!! This is a Burb' of Milwaukee com'on! Sure there was shopping and food but no Bar. Well back to my room. I get into my swimsuit and jump in the pool. I do some laps to work off the Burger I had at Wedl's. After 20 mins. or so I go back to my room and fill up the Jacuzzi up. Ahhhhhhhhh.... George must live like this all the time on the road. Ha Ha Ha!! Off to bed dreaming of what tomorrow will bring me... A Butter Burger from Solly's.

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