Friday, November 6, 2009

Tamarack II

Once again I am trying to catch up on my post. I visited the Tamarack II back in September. Once again I was going of an article that listed some burger places north of Madison WI. (see last post) Well this time I have my Brother with me. He has done a couple Burger Runs with me. The Tamarack II (I guess the original is in Portage WI.) is in Morrisonville WI. Frogtown U.S.A is it's nickname.

Going off the article we were there to try the Jumbo Burger with bacon and cheese. I order mine with Swiss, my Brother goes with American. The Tamarack grinds it meat daily and this burger will be a 6 ounce patty. The patty will be grill pressed and once done topped with cheese and a healthy amount of bacon. My Brother and I liked the burger a lot. It had a real peppery taste to it. I have come across places that use a lot of pepper in it's patty. The Post #67 in Lake Mills and Wedl's come to mind. They should be similar they get it from the same place! The burger at the Tamarack must be good. I met some guys there that eat at my place!! I called them traitors!! Next time they came into eat at my place they asked what a traitor like me is doing at the Tamarack II !!!

Spring Creek Tavern

Back in August I visited Spring Creek Tavern in Lodi WI. I got some information about the place in a local magazine that did a burger article on places North of Madison. I am not talking the North woods of Wisconsin. Places that are a quick 30 minute ride from Madison. Like most places I visit for a burger in Wisconsin this is a tavern. Tavern burgers usually get good word of mouth. Once again my girlfriend was with me, perfect time to go to the Spring Creek Tavern on a Monday. Two for one burger special on Monday. We walk in about 6:45 pm. The place was packed. Well I was there to try the Tavern Burger. This Burger is 80/20 ground chuck, "fresh never frozen." That phrase is getting old. Lets say a 80/20 blend of fresh ground chuck. The bun of this burger is baked daily across the street at Weber's Bakery. Spring Creek Tavern cooks it's burgers on a flat top grill. Once the Tavern Burger is done on the grill, it gets it's toppings. The burger is topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream and lettuce. Oh the burger is not finished yet, it gets a heaping pile of fried shoe string onions. In the picture that heaping pile to the left of my burger.... was on top of my burger!! This burger was a a mess!! shoe string onions falling off it. The sour cream and lettuce sliding all over the place. It was a good but I think I need to go back and try a "traditional" burger. The shoe strings and other toppings masked the burger. I still got two burgers for the price of one!!

Editors note: As I said I went to Spring Creek Tavern in August. I was doing some finishing touches on this post and came across this article Spring Creek Tavern. If you don't want to read it I will give you the short version. Spring Creek Tavern is closed. I guess I won't be going back to try another burger.