Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Chain, this time White Castle

Well a couple of weekends ago I was in Chicago for a Corvette Show. While I was there I was going to try to do some "Burger Research." I was thinking of trying Top Notch Beefburger it was about 5 miles from where I was staying. I changed my mind when I saw a White Castle a block away from my hotel. Perfect chance to do one of the "Chains" again. Yes I have never had a White Castle slider. There are zero, zip, none near me. So I order a sack for myself, which was 4 cheeseburgers, fries and a drink.

I find my table and dig in. The sliders did not wow me but I have them done in no time. I don't think I will stop at one again, I could see stopping at White Castle for a snack after a night at the bar though! Later on that night though I was not feeling that well, burp! Check White Castle off the list. I should have gone to Top Notch, oh well back in Chicago in August for another Corvette Show. This time I will make sure I get to Top Notch.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well I said I start to do some of the "Chains" or "Big Boys." So here goes. Culver's started in Sauk City WI over 20 years ago. Now it is in every town and city in Wisconsin it seems, plus other states. I just go there for their frozen treats and chicken sandwich. I have not had a burger from there in 10+ years. So that should tell you something. I order a double Cheeseburger meal deal or whatever they call it, #1 lets say. I get my beverage, grab a paper and find my booth. My burger arrives a little too quick. I guess I am use to burger joints that cook it for you to order. Culver's says they use fresh beef but I wonder if they do the old cook it and throw it in a warmer. My first bite reminds me of something I can cook in my own frying pan at home. It is also suppose to be a butter burger.....HA. I think they take a little brush of that fake liquid butter and put it on the bun. I could not even taste it. I finish my meal and remember why I don't eat burgers at Culver's. Best part of my meal was the fries. I have to say that this burger was better then what I got served at Sonics. That is easy to do though.

Now I got word that Culver's got voted "Best Burger" in Madison for 09'. There had to be some voter fraud for that to happen. Yes Dotty Dumplings got knocked out of the top three.... I plan to visit the two other places to do some research, The Gold winner I know is not a great burger but to bring knowledge to you burger lovers.... I will make the sacrifice!

Like I said I go to Culver's for treats and their chicken sandwiches. Their prices are high so be ready to spend a $15-$20 real easy for two of you.