Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sweeney's Oakcrest Tavern

This event happen on Labor Day Sept. 1st 08'

Sweeney's Oakcrest Tavern
5371 Old Middleton Rd, Madison, WI 53705 608-233-1243

Going off Doug Moe's article I went to the Oakcrest Tavern. The Oakcrest was slow when I got there, which was good. There was about 9 people counting myself. The Burger here is Char-grilled, which I like. Some people do not. The beef comes from Knoche Food Center. Lets say a local Butcher. Local... it is across the street!! The patty is made from steak trimmings and ground daily. The Burger comes on a whole wheat bun and your typical choices.

I order a Cheeseburger and small fry, with a Coke. I don't make any small talk with anyone, which is rare for me!! I just look over my notes from other Burger Joints. Yes I do take notes while I am at a place. I may not be the best blogger but hey I take notes!!! Trust me you do forget things.

My Burger comes and you can see the juices bleeding into the bun!! Look at the picture, that is not ketchup!!! I ordered it medium and it came that way. The Burger did not WOW me but it still it was good. Now if I remember right fresh ground patties will almost have a pebble like structure when cooked. (George if you read this send me a heads up if I am right!!) Well this burger did have that, tender and fell apart easy. Overall a good burger but like I said it did not WOW me.

Stadium Sports Bar & Eatery

This event happen on Sept. 13th 08'

Stadium Sports Bar & Eatery
1419 Monroe St. Madison WI 53711

To start it is a 7 oz. fresh ground patty, on a whole wheat bun. Busy for 3 pm on a Saturday. The Badgers Football game is a late game, what gives?? Ohhhh Badger Volleyball crowd is here. I learn there is a tourney at the Field house. I order a Build Your Own. What I ordered is simple, a 7oz patty with american cheese, small fry and a beer.

Being a Bar Manager I make small talk with my bartender. Well she is going to Italy for 10 days, Western to be exact. Florence is one stop for her. I will have to see if I can catch her here again and see how it went. The Burger comes and I can tell it is cooked to how I ordered, medium rare. I can see the juices pooling on the Burger. How can I see the juices if I ordered a cheeseburger. Well the cheese is faceing the bottom bun. The whole wheat bun comes with..... it looks like a sesame seed bun on Barry Bond Juice. The first bite reminds me of the Burger at the Plaza minus the sauce, juicey and tender. All I added was yellow mustard and pickle slices. The pickles slices have a good kick!! This is a good Burger, I'd pick this over the Oakcrest Burger.

The atmosphere is great. Sports Bar with 25 + TV's! Oh don't come on a Badger Football Saturday. It is called Stadium Sports Bar for well being next to a stadium, Camp Randall. This place is packed on football Saturdays.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Five Guys visit.

Aug. 19th 2008

Now I have known Five Guys was in Madison WI but have never gone to it. Well after learning that Five Guys is popping up every where, I decided to go. Five Guys in Madison is on State Street. A street well known in Madison. It is lined with Apts, shops etc... It is also next to the UW-Madison. You could spend a whole day people watching. Which I was doing, that is why I walked right by Five Guys. Ok I walked one block pass it. "Oh well." I thought to myself. "I can always go over to the Plaza Tavern for a burger." A quick back track and I was back at Five Guys. First thing you will notice once inside is the red/white decor of the place. It was 2 pm so I missed the lunch rush, which I always try to do. I ordered a Cheeseburger and a Coke. Which is a double patty with cheese. I also got fried onions on it (Just look at the picture!!) My customer number is #1. I am saving that receipt. I am not the first of the day but having #1 makes me special right!!

My wait is 3-4 minutes. I read some of the articles that hang on the wall. I could also munch on peanuts... in shell. My number is call "Number One." I grab a seat along a side bar. I open my brown bag and open the foil around my burger. My first bite.... Wooooo this thing is juicy, messy and HOT!!! The burger is dripping with cheese and onions. Once again look at the picture!! The taste reminded me of something almost like Mom would make in the skillet for me when I was a kid. That is always a good sign...Burger Flashbacks!! I had one with the Butter Burger also. I have to comeback to try others here.

If you get to the Madison location, try to sit at the bar by the front window. That way you can people watch. Did I mention the UW-Madison is right next door!! I love summer!