Saturday, January 2, 2010

Black Friday Burger Run Part I

Once again behind on my post, sorry guys. It was Black Friday I was itching to do some burger research. Just as I did last year same time with George. We did Zwieg's in Watertown last year. Well this time I was in Burlington WI to try Fred's. It is 1 pm the usual time I try to get to a place. I try to miss the lunch rush so I can ask questions etc... Being Black Friday I thought everyone be shopping so I woud be safe. WRONG! The place is packed. Ten tables....full. Each table sits 4-6. Thirteen stools full. A lot of people so that means a lot of burgers going out. I am lucky to get a stool. I can see the griddle in the back and the cooks are very busy. I was told to go with the 1/2 lb. but I go with the 1/4 lb. Doing other stops and did not want to fill up. I go with a cheeseburger with fried onions and a tap beer. George would love this place it has Sprecher Root Beer on tap. Fred does all the woodwork for the bar and it shows. The bar is beautiful and everything is wood. As I look around I read the signs. Did you know you can get your name to replace Fred's for just $25 Million. I make small talk with a woman that is there with her husband and kids. Thank God she is there my burger is taking forever.

Now on to the burger. The meat is ground fresh daily and comes from a grocery store called Goose Berry's, with the buns also coming from there. You can get 1/2 lb or 1/4 lb which they call a slider. Now if you remember my order it was just a cheeseburger no side. Two reasons I just ordered a burger by itself. One I don't want to get full (other stops) and two it should get pushed towards the front of the orders somewhat I thought. I was wrong. My cheeseburger comes 50 minutes later. I am in the bar business and you do get busy but I guess they have a policy of cooking them as they come in. My order was simple. Did not have to use a fryer for a side and it was a single patty, it should have been moved up. Not to the front but it shouldn't have taken 50 minutes to cook a single patty. I know it was busy but come on.

Fred's has a special blend of seasoning they use making these "The World's Best Burgers." I even bought a jar of it. Although I have not used any of it yet at home. World's Best, I don't think so. It was a good burger but I would not travel just to go have one. Which I have been know to do. Yes I have driven a hour + for a burger. I guess I got my hopes up too high from how many people were there and word of mouth. If you do make it there when it is busy turn around and go back out the door. This burger is not worth waiting 1/2 hr + for.

Next Stop Kewpee in Racine WI

Fred's Parkview
596 N Pine Street Burlington, WI 53105


g said...

What did you think of Zwieg's Grill in Watertown?

Wauna-burger said...

I liked it cuz we came out smelling like fried onions!! I always like the small burger joints. I think it only sat 12 or so at the counter. Zwieg's also has a booth at Riverfest, which is in August at a park in Watertown.

David said...

New Years Day, my wife and I drove to Milwaukee for a cheeseburger at Sobelmans - "Milwaukees Best" It was a hour + drive, everyone I told this to, thought I was crazy. They just don't get it. Do you have this problem?

Wauna-burger said...

I just did Sobelmans a few weeks ago. Will post about it sometime this week. That was a hour + drive for me. Most people don't understand driving miles and miles for a burger experience. They are program to drive to a fast food joint and say #4 please. The good thing once people do know I do burger trips, they give me tips on places!!! David did you like Sobelman's?

David said...

I loved it. This was my first burger trip (New Years resolution) but I thought the burger was great, the service was friendly. Talking to the waitress as we were leaving I found out that they ran out of their buns earlier, and I just had a generic bun. She said I should come back for the real thing, which I intend on doing, but not before we do Solly's. They also serve a great Bloody Mary. My wife thought I was crazy when I started towards Milwaukee, but now she understands. Maybe it was the stop at Kopps on the home.

KingT said...

gotta love Fred's and Kewpee's...both fave's of mine...try and get over to Big Star in Kenosha this spring when it reopens.

Lemme know when you make it to Chicago. One of my favorite things to do is drive around WI in search of burgers.

Wauna-burger said...

KingT I have to do Fred's again. It was so busy and I want to give them another chance. I do get down to Chicago about 3 times during the Summer. I am usually going to Corvette Shows in my Vette so I don't travel off course to much when driving my Vette. I do check out your blog from time to time. Read your Fred's blog the day before I went there. I will be in Chicago in March and plan to hit some spots. I will contact you when I know my plans. Thanks for the links/info!