Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Black Friday Burger Run Part II

Part II of my trip, Kewpee Lunch (Hamburgers.) For my trip, I was planning swinging through Southeast Wisconsin. Then drive down to Chicago. Once in Chicago area I would hit Top Notch, Kuma's and Billy Goat. Well I only did my first two stops. My little voice said" lets save Chicago for another time." After Fred's I was off to Kewpee in Racine WI. It was a quick 30 minute drive from Fred's.

My GPS got me right to the front door. Once inside you are taken back to the early years of diners. I take a seat at the counter. I order a Double Hamburger with everything (onions, pickles, mustard and ketchup.) Before I can open up a newspaper that is next to me my burger is in front of me!!! 30 seconds sure beats the 50 minute wait at Fred's !!! Yes they had about 8 or so burgers warming on the griddle in the corner. Sort of made me sad that I was getting a "Fast Food Burger" The burger had dried out a bit sitting so long on the griddle but still hit the spot. My total time there was 10 minutes. I did not get up and look around but if you do want a good look check out Kewpee Racine. I know there are others, mostly in Lima OH and one in Lansing MI. The location in Racine is new, it was built in 1997.

Not my best or most fun "Burger Run" but I can check off two places off my list. On my way home I drove through Milwaukee. I have a bunch of places there to visit. One being Sobelmans.

Kewpee Lunch
520 Wisconsin Ave. Racine WI


Ian said...

Go try the Hogg Burger at Hogg Alley. Hogg Alley is located between Oconomowoc and Delavan as you are heading towards Milwaukee from Madison.

Ian said...

Also, go try the bacon cheeseburger at Hookers. Hookers is north of Poynette near Lake WI.

Wauna-burger said...

Thanks for the info. I know about Hookers. I think they have a super burger that is close to 2 1/2 lbs. of beef and bacon, burp!