Friday, February 19, 2010


I am once again behind my post. I did Sobelman's way back at the start of December. I went there because it makes Milwaukee's best list and other blogs have mention it. Once again my GPS gets there with no problems. I wonder how the pioneers got anywhere without GPS! The first thing you will notice is the building. Talking to Dave the owner, he informed me that the building was built in the late 1800's. It was one of Milwaukee’s original Schlitz taverns. When I got there it was close to 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon. Well I had to wait in line that is how busy it was. The tables I could see were all full, I could not see into the side room. The bar was even full with customers. I was second in line and got a seat with in minutes at the bar. The staff at Sobelman's is so friendly and courteous. They know their stuff. I don't think I have been called "Sir" that many times before. Well I get my seat and I am ready to order a burger. I sometimes go with a basic Hamburger or Cheeseburger or with the most popular burger. Well I went with what is the most popular, a Sobelman Burger. The burger is fresh Black Angus beef patties, fresh of course. The patty is put on a freshly baked country butter rolls made just for Sobelman's. The buns are beautiful, as you can tell in the photo.

Now here is what makes a Sobelman Burger special. There are three different cheeses on the burger. Then the burger gets topped with jalapenos and fried onions. I have had burger with jalapenos and they were hot. The Sobelman Burger had heat but more on the mild side, it added to the flavor, not dominate the burger. That is my opinion, someone else may think they are hot. As I wait for my burger I can watch the cooks on a small flat screen TV. Yes they have a camera over the grill so you can watch them cook burgers!! This is when I start talking to the owner Dave. He started the conversation because he saw my Hamburger America notebook (I got it for Christmas a couple years back) He gives me the history of the place and talks about their second location called Sobelmans Tallgrass Grill.
They use beef from the Tallgrass Beef Company. With how busy they were, I did not wait that long for my burger. My burger was good and it hit the spot. I was glad I made the trip. This place has it right, a great product and a staff that wants you to enjoy your visit there. I really have to get back and try other burgers they have. I also have to get to the Tallgrass Grill. If you ever need a burger fix and are in the Milwaukee area, get to Sobelman's.

Sobelmans Pub & Grill is located at 1900 W. St. Paul Ave. Milwaukee WI



Lo said...

So true. Sobelman's rocks. But, Milwaukee has no shortage of great burger joints. I'm thinking of the infamous Kopp's burger... swanky GF burgers at Stack'd... and the lovely stuff over at AJ Bombers. All worth your time.

EatWisconsin said...

Lo did a great job covering the MKE burger scene. I just tried Stackd last Monday and holy crap are they awesome. I made a burger with Goat Cheese Jalapenos, and Bacon. Kind of tasted like a bacon wrapped jalapeno topper mixed with some spectacular beef.

I also like Mazos a lot, even though they refuse to cook to medium rare anymore.

Wauna-burger said...

Thanks for the list of joints, I have so many places to get to in Milwaukee. Weather is getting warmer so I will be doing a lot more burger trips!